Parents As Teachers

Meet Our Parents As Teachers Staff

Gaye Hiller

Smithton School District is proud to inform you of a free and unique program for families who are expecting a child or has a child from

birth to age five. 

Parents as Teachers is a voluntary and free program that provides practical, effective help for eligible families with children prenatal to age five (not yet enrolled in kindergarten.)




Private visits are provided by a trained parent educator.

Services offered include:

  How to recognize each phase of child development

  Brain based research information

  Fun activities to do with your child to encourage development

  Simple toys to make

  In-home learning activities

  Help with concerns and questions

  Information on popular parenting topics

  Free developmental screenings


If you are interested or if you know of someone who would like to enroll in the P.A.T. program please call (660)343-5317 for more information.